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Sustainability includes the building of successful, long-term business relationships with our clients and suppliers that are in harmony with our environment and society.

We have anchored the concept of sustainability in our company and design our business activities with this in mind.



We have dived our company philosophy as follows:


The Vision

Our objective is to develop and execute customized logistics solutions for our clients.

We aim not to meet but to exceed our clients’ need for cost efficiency and quality.

We do more than fulfill a contract, we approach each of our clients with the goal of developing long lasting partnerships.


The Responsibility

Your business is our business!  We consider your opportunities our opportunities and approach these with an entrepreneurial mindset and passion!

Your success is our success.

As a responsible employer, we invest in our number one resource, our employees. Industry leading safety, comfort and ergonomic features are our top consideration when purchasing our fleet, equipment and designing works paces. 

We also recognize the importance of a healthy work-life balance and make this a priority.



Our corporate culture is centered on our employees.  Each and every one of us is dedicated to giving 110% to realize our clients’ goals.

Growth and development are another key component at VF International.  We frequently offer certifications, seminars, and other training to grow and develop our workforce.


The relationship and communication between employees and leadership is characterized by trust and courtesy.  These values are engrained in the corporate culture of VF International.




Our ethics and values drive the daily conduct of our employees and leadership.  We expect the same high standards from our suppliers and all business partners as these set the stage for a successful cooperation. This guiding principle lays the foundation for a responsible organization, respectful of its social and physical environment.

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