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Change doesn’t inherently mean risk, it´s about seizing opportunities.  To realize opportunities, companies around the world trust VF International Customized Logistics for strategic logistics and reliable transportation.  At VF International we believe trust is the foundation for mutual success!


Superiority is not by coincidence, it’s by design.



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VF International
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The synergy

between precision

& performance







Our fleet is made up entirely of new trucks manufactured by Mercedes and Scania.  Each vehicle is equipped with every safety and efficiency option available.

​Reliability and quality is a built-in added value to our customers.  

By maintaining a state of the art fleet, we demonstrate our commitment to our environment.  Wherever possible, we aim to minimize our environmental impact and carbon footprint to preserve our planet for future generations.

Systems, such as Telematics, permanent monitoring of the vehicles including locating via GPS as well as data transmission via built-in communication systems are standard in our fleet.


Temperature-controlled refrigerated trailers                                                    

  • Schmitz Cargobull

  • 2,7 m interior height

  • Dual level interior capacity

  • Active heating/ cooling

  • Permanent temperature recording system

  • Door contacts for security

  • IFS certified

  • BIO standard certified



  • Insulated Warehouse that is modern and optimally efficient

  • IFS certified

  • BIO standard certified

  • Cold storage 14-18°C (food standard)

  • High rise racking system with customizable configuration

  • Adaptable capacity for approx. 22.500 euro pallets

  • Block storage/picking zone with ca. 3.500 m²

  • Ceiling and in-rack sprinkler system

  • Powered ramps with sectional doors

  • Smoke/Fire- detection system with direct link to the fire department

  • Alarm system monitored by security service

    • IT-infrastructure including:

- Warehouse management computer including WMS (warehouse  management system), barcode-supported

- Batch tracinge


- ABC Analysis




Our hardware and software are adapted to the needs of our customers.

Contemporary hardware and software systems optimize operations and virtually eliminate downtime.


  • Warehouse management system, scanner and barcode-supported

  • Dispatch systems supported by GPS- Telematics

  • Fleet management system

  • Customized interfaces

  • Planning and optimization

VF International
VF International


Adapting is great,

leading is better


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VF International





  • In-bound goods captured by scanner

  • WMS Optimized Storage Plan(Warehouse Management System)

  • Temperature controlled 14-18°C (permanently recorded)

  • Out-bound goods captured by scanner

  • Safe and efficient forklifts and equipment

  • Warehouse management and storage compliant with BIO and IFS certifications

  • FIFO, batch traceability and ABC analysis


VF International IFS


We provide customized solutions to your business challenges prioritizing the quality of service both technologically and operationally.

Our optimized approach enables us to provide our clients with exceptional service while remaining competitive in the market.  Using modern workflow solutions we deliver relevant information to the right place and at the right time.  Our logistics services focus primarily on upstream and downstream logistics.


Logistics Services:


  • Route transport

  • Domestic transport (Germany)

  • International transport

  • Sea freight

  • Freight forwarding services

  • Transit transport

  • Transfer of transit goods

  • Networked solutions

  • Standard shipping services










Foundations of our logistics concepts:

  • Location assessment

  • Flow of Goods analysis

  • Supply chain analysis and design

  • Identification and mitigation of bottlenecks

  • Evaluation of customer specific needs

  • Turnkey project completion

  • Comprehensive project management

  • Packaging design








Jobs & Career



Regional Drivers

Long Haul Drivers

Warehouse Staff




Interested in a career with VF International?  We’re always looking for new talent.  Please email us using the link below to apply online, or to learn more about current opportunities in our company.


Our drivers enjoy the most modern fleet, industry leading pay, and expenses.  Don’t find just another job, jumpstart your career with VF International.










VF International



As of the beginning of 2020 and through ongoing modernization of our fleet, the approximately 50 vehicles currently in service have an average age of under two years.


BIO and IFS Certification

In 2020 we’re continuing to maintain the BIO and IFS certifications and are proud to offer these standards to our customers.

IT sector
We’ve further invested in upgrading hardware and software to optimize scheduling, warehouse management, and communications. 


Qualified personnel
In line with the expansion of all resources, we’ve also increased our most valuable resource!  Our team.  We’ve hired more trained professionals in both operations and administration to continue serving the growing needs of our clients.  It’s not too late to join our team.  We are always seeking self-motivated professionals.  If you are interested, please give us a call!  


We would like to thank our team and our partners for their dedicated performance and collaborative approach.  Your excellence is the key to the “how” of our service model. 

We would also like to thank our customers for the continued trust placed in VF International.  THANK YOU!


International offerings

We are proud to announce to extend for the year 2020 our infrastructure and operation for multinational companies to be joined to German borders.

  • Germany

  • Netherlands

  • Austria

  • Switzerland

  • Belgium

  • USA

  • Canada

  • Italy

  • Spain

Quality of services

In 2020 as in previous years, client satisfaction remains our strategic priority.  Your recognition is what we strive for and consider the measure of our success.